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Fortnite Alpha

Here is a link to an alpha sign up page for Fortnite from Epic Games. What’s that? Oh…you don’t know what Fortnite is? well it’s sort of a survival based, online, third person construction shooter thingy. Yeah…I’m not really sure either to be honest…Anyway you’ve either clicked the link or given up reading by now so I’ll stop typing.

Armored Warfare

In a surprisingly “me too” way of doing things, here is the trailer reveal for an Obsidian made multiplayer based, tank combat game. So…like world of tanks then, you can register for beta here if you like, although it’s currently failing for me….also the whole “” portal to sign up just makes me feel a little dirty. is some kind of Russian mobile and PC gaming thing, might wanna use a secondary password for that folks.

Titanfall Beta Application


Titanfall Beta application is now live, you need to login or create an Origin account to access the registration though. Apparently the chosen few will be selected by midnight on the 17th although the beta begins this Friday, so presumably some will hear sooner. Good luck!

You can now purchase and play the early, unfinished, mostly broken standalone version of the widely popular Mod. Day Z is on Steam under Early Access products, have to say that’s quite a price for early adoption… I’m definitely not spending that much to experience it before it’s done. Waited this long and I’m not dead yet….

However if you’re going to spend money on a zombie survival game, this is what inspired the survival genre of games. Well…at least until all the griefers and hackers got involved with the free version. Hopefully the premium version has cut a lot of that nonsense out, leaving just the awesome.

Blizzard have opened their new MOBA up for beta applications, if you’re a fan of Blizzard, DOTA or LOL you’ll probably love this, if you’re confused by what all these acronyms mean, probably not.



The Lego Minifigures MMO has just opened up for beta applications, all you have to do is enter your date of birth and email address for a chance to participate, so go on then.