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Thief 3

Thief 3 is rather divided on opinion, some people love it as a natural evolution of the original two games and some well….don’t. I gave away my original copy many years ago but thanks to the wonder of PC gaming, I picked up another one. So since I’ve recently replayed the first two….time to see how my opinion on the third installment has matured. Continue reading


Gemini Rue, is a point and click adventure game designed by Wadjet Eye Games. It’s been literally over a decade since I properly played one of these, I’ve never been a huge fan of point and click adventures but there have been a few exceptions. Would Gemini Rue scratch that itch for adventuring? Let’s find out… Continue reading

Ace Patrol – Tally Ho!


Ace Patrol is a WWI aircraft, hex-turn based strategy game. It’s made by those folks who make Civilization, a properly great series of turn based strategy games. So what is it like and does it require a stiff upper lip and handlebar mustache to enjoy? here’s what I think. Continue reading


But whatever you decide, do NOT ever, watch it being played before you play it yourself. There is also a demo if you want to get an idea of what it’s about, although it’s worth mentioning the demo contains no actual game content. That’s it for this review, not talking about it anymore because to explain it is to damage it’s brilliance.

Limbo – Avoided


Limbo, a game about escaping a hellish noir world, definitely not a game to play if you’re arachnophobic…at least not the early levels. Continue reading

MachinariumMachinarium is a point and click adventure game without text, instead you get speech bubbles with pictures or animations to represent what people say/think/want etc. It’s been an age since I played an adventure game, I’m excited, here’s what I thought. Continue reading