I’ve been playing Clone Wars Adventures quite a bit since I signed up a few weeks ago, finally they allowed us scrubs to become members (subscribe) and at only £3.99 I decided to give it a try. The game improves significantly once you can get access to the Jedi only stuff which is

Me looking dark and mysertious

about 70% of the game really. It still sucks pretty bad if you are a free customer and I think it would be good if they gave free players some more carrot and less stick but maybe they will soon.

It’s due to go “official” tomorrow (15th September)  and that’s just in time for the new series of Clone Wars to start on the 17th of September, apparently the game will feature promotions and events based on the tv series so they could be planning on adding some new content each month related to whatever episode has just aired which would be nice.

Me looking all sultry and orange.

I’ve enjoyed my time in-game so far although I have to admit it’s not quite what I was expecting, it’s not an mmo which confused me at first because being based on the Free Realms engine I was expecting an mmo and it just isn’t. What it is I can only describe as an online social game for kids (and adults, some of the games are pretty challenging!) where you can play mini games, make friends and show off whatever new equipment you just bought or decorated your house with. It needs more content but what is in the game is pretty well represented and apart from a few minor niggles I kinda like it.

My character is Triss Brightblade, a Jedi Twi’lek, give me a shout if you see me in-game!